About Us

Our Story

Hi, I’m Rich Jackim, one of the founders of Consultant’s Resource. 

Sama and I founded Consultant’s Resource to help independent consultants, freelancers, and professional advisors be more successful.

Sama and I operate our own consulting practices in addition to running Consultant’s Resource. We each came to consulting from different paths, but in the end, we make our living by using our expertise to solve problems for our clients.

In my case, I spent five years practicing corporate law, then  I became an investment banker. After 10 years on the traditional career path, I wanted to try the entrepreneur route and get more control over my work/life balance so I became a mergers and acquisitions consultant. I’ve been operating as an independent consultant for the last 20 years.

Sama started off as a web designer and developer for a digital marketing agency.  He was promoted to project manager and led a team of over a dozen designers, web developers, and digital marketing professionals.  After 8 years of working for someone else, Sama started his own firm and provided consulting and design services to clients all over the world.  Sama has developed websites and digital marketing strategies for clients in manufacturing, education, retail, business services and consulting.

I met Sama when I was looking for a developer to design and build a website for me for a new consulting firm I was starting. He did such a great job, I suggested we go into business together to provide similar services to other consultants, freelancers, and professional advisors.

Fortunately, he agreed, and the rest is history.   Sama now brings over 10 years of website design, development and digital marketing experience to the table to help our clients succeed.

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What We Do

We are website designers and developers who specialize in working with consultants, freelancers, and professional advisors. 

We are digital marketing experts.  We are graphic designers.  We are copywriters.

But what we excel at is combining all of these services into success packs that will help you build a consulting website that attracts more traffic and helps you convert that traffic into qualified leads and new clients.

Why We Do It

When I first got started consulting, I had a website (it was terrible) and tried cold-calling and networking. Both were time consuming, and the results were unpredictable. As a result, for years I suffered from the feast or famine cycle most consultants experience.

That’s when I decided to find a smarter way to market myself so I could have a consistent and predictable stream of leads and clients, and a consistent and predictable income to live on.

Since 2016, I have focused exclusively on digital marketing to promote my consulting practice.  The quality and volume of my leads is better, and my income is more consistent.  But best of all, I now only spend about 4 hours a week on marketing activities, so I have more free time to work with clients or enjoy my family.

I still run my mergers and acquisitions consulting practice which is my primary focus, but Sama and I created Consultant’s Resource to help consultants, freelancers, and professional advisors build their practices the right way, so they don’t have to kill themselves cold-calling, networking, or checking job boards, and can thrive as consultants.

Why It Matters to You

Your website is your personal brand so it needs to look professional, but it needs to be much more.

The key to being a successful consultant is not about the relationships you have, it’s about the expertise you share.

And there’s no better way to share your expertise with your leads and prospects, then by having a professional, fully-customized consulting website designed around a series of lead magnets that convert your visitors into leads and prospects.

What to Expect

Your website should be your top salesperson, working 24/7, 365 days a year, to help you sign up new clients.

With our help, you’ll be able to break out of the consulting feast-or-famine cycle — for good.

So, if you don’t like cold-calling or networking, and don’t want the stress that comes from an empty pipeline –

Check out how we can help you turn your consulting website into a powerful marketing machine!

Learn More

I’ve learned so much working as a consultant and working with Sama over the years, I wrote a eCourse called “How to Build a Marketing Machine for Your Consulting Practice” that will show you how a high performing website can generate clients for your 24/7, 365 days a year.

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