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We provide SEO and Content-based Marketing services for consultants and coaches to generate more organic traffic and more qualified leads

Search Engine Optimization Services for Consultants

Generate Organic Traffic for Your Consulting Website with Our SEO Optimization Services

Your success as a consultant depends on you getting the word out about your services and generating leads on line.  The most effective way to that is to provide content that is focused on the key words or questions that your potential clients want answers to. 

At Consultant’s Resource we help you find out what your potential clients are searching for and help you craft a digital marketing strategy that helps you attract dependable and qualified organic traffic to your consulting website. 

We offer a range of SEO services for consultants and personal and business coaches. Start with our FREE SEO audit, and then decide which level of service is appropriate for your needs and budget.


Start With These Free SEO Services

Free SEO Audit for Consulting and Coaching Websites

30 Minutes Free Online Analysis of the Audit

Free Suggestions of Ways to Improve your SEO Results

We Will Submit Your Consulting Website to This Search Engines for Free:

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Fundamental SEO Optimization

Consultants, if you want your website to generate more traffic and generate better leads, the first step is to focus on search engine optimization or SEO.  The best way to differentiate yourself is to provide valuable, information on your website to answer the questions and problems that your potential clients are searching the Internet for. 

But where do you start, and how do you develop a strong SEO strategy for your consulting and coaching practice?

At Consultant’s Resource, we adopt a methodical approach to helping you develop a powerful SEO strategy.  It encompasses four stages.

First, we assess fundamental or structural SEO issues related to the design and configuration of your website.

Second, we do keyword research to identify what phrases or questions your potential clients are searching for.

Third, we help you develop a content strategy that provides authoritative articles, blog posts, or videos on your website in response to these questions.

Fourth, we teach you how to use various SEO plugins we install on your website to optimize each article.

Fifth, we track the traffic generated by each article to evaluate its effectiveness and suggest how to improve its page ranking or improve how it converts your traffic into a lead.

Consultants Search Engine Optimization Checklist

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Our Content Marketing Plans

Now that your website is configured for SEO, it’s time to pick one of our Content Marketing Plans.  Our plans are designed to fit your needs and budget.


Your Website Will be Configured for SEO, plus you get:
$ 80
  • Keyword Research Report each Month
  • Edit a 750 Word Article/Blog Post Each Month
  • Monthly SEO Report


Your Website Will be Configured for SEO, plus you get:​
$ 145
  • Keyword Research Report each Month
  • Edit a 3 Minute Video Each Month
  • Edit a 1,500 Word Article/Blog Post Each Month
  • Monthly SEO Report


Your Website Will be Configured for SEO, plus you get:​
$ 280
  • Keyword Research Report each Month
  • Edit a 6 Minute Video Each Month
  • Edit a 2,500 Word Article or Blog Post Each Month
  • Monthly SEO Report

The Process

First Step: Sending Request

You request a Free SEO audit pick one of our content plans by clicking on the related button. 

Second Step: Complete the Form, Book Your Free Appointment with your Project Manager, and Log In to Your Account

You would automatically be logged into the CR website after completing the form.

Third Step: Online Meeting with Your Project Manager and Receiving Proposal

At the meeting, you will discuss your SEO goals and objectives with your project manager and pick a Success Pack that reflects your needs and budget.  After the call we will send you a proposal.  Once you accept the proposal we will get started.

Fourth Step: Getting to Work

We will start by modifying your website’s configurations and settings to ensure it is optimized for SEO.  Then we will work with you on the keyword research and a content development strategy. You will have one project manager assigned to you.  They will get to know your business and will guide you through the process each month. 

What Types of Consultants and Freelancers Benefit from Our SEO Services?

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to provide a situation where you do not have to worry about the website and digital marketing issues so that you can focus on increasing your expertise in your field of counseling. As a result, we have tried to reduce your hassle by providing and managing hosting services. The amount of space provided in the plans is enough to start a professional website, but if you need to increase it, you can increase do so by paying $10 per gig per month.

As for the website domain, we will help you in buying the right domain with an SEO approach in the initial consultation sessions. If you wish, we can buy the domain for you for a fee based on the provider’s price.

We use WordPress to design all our websites and we are very happy about that. Currently, more than 40% of websites on the Internet are designed and managed with this content management system. This in itself speaks to the efficiency and power of WordPress. In the meantime, some negative points are made about this system, which is mainly a rumor. For example, many people consider its security to be weak, and this is due to the weak structure that their website designer has implemented in that website, but WordPress itself is a very secure system. So the problem is with their design, not with WordPress.

Other points are:

  • Due to the widespread use of this CMS, many people have gained expertise in this area, and this means that you are not permanently dependent on the website designer, and in case of dispute, you can entrust the management of the website to someone else without any problems.
  • WordPress currently has more than 50,000 plugins. This means that website development will be easy in the future and you can add any feature to it.
  • WordPress has a very good relationship with search engines and by itself has the minimum requirements for search engine optimization. Of course, the web designer can use tricks to maximize this initial optimization.
  • And many other benefits that you can access with a small Google search…

After the complete design of the website, we will teach you how to manage it and insert content in it in one or two sessions online or by sending instructional videos. But if you want to have more professional management and reduce your troubles, we will be proud to accept your request in this field. You can choose your website management success pack from other packages and leave the rest to us.



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